Unity Transformation

A Positive Path For Spiritual Living

Zoom New Thought Study Group
Led by John Rennie,
Religious Science Practitioner

Monday nights, beginning April 27
7 p.m.

Read Lesson One: Bondage or Liberty, Which?
for 1st Discussion, April 27th

Click here to order the version of Lessons in Truth we're using to facilitate easy Zoom discussions.
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We are studying Emilie Cady's Lessons in Truth, Unity's foundational text and most published work. Dr. Cady studied with Emma Curtis Hopkins. 

There are a number of versions of this book on Amazon Prime. We suggest getting the version pictured here either in paperback or Kindle. This version has the paragraphs numbered within each chapter which will be a great help with Zoom discussions. We hope that the page numbering is also in the Kindle version. Use link below for ordering.

Click here to let John Rennie know you want to participate in Lessons in Truth so he can send you the Zoom links before each class.