Unity Transformation

A Positive Path For Spiritual Living

Love Goes Beyond the Walls

Unity Transformation intends to make a positive difference in our local and global communities. Several times a year our church family takes on an outreach project to extend our love beyond the walls. We invite you to take a look at our current & past projects.

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A Hand Up for Women

First  Quarter 2018  - Deadline: Sunday, March 18

A Hand Up for Women is a Knoxville-based organization that helps women retrain and rebuild their lives. 
Suggested items to bring in
 to Unity Transformation by Sun., March 18 
Toilet Tissue (single rolls)                          
Paper Towels (single rolls)                          
Household Cleaner
Toilet Bowl Cleaner                                     
Dish Washing Detergent
Laundry Detergent                                       
Dryer Sheets
Trash bags (white kitchen)
Nail Polish Remover                                   
 Disposable Razors
Sanitary Napkins       
Bath Gel/Body Wash, 
Shampoo or Conditioner    
Hair Spray            
Roll-on Deodorant  
Dental  floss

Fourth Quarter 2017 

We participated in two projects. Once again we gave gifts to Harmony Family Center  to go to foster children across the state of Tennessee. We also cooperated with One Spirit's Youth of Unity to provide stuffed animals to Knoxville charities at Christmas

Third Quarter 2017
 We planted milkweed plants to support the monarch butterflies, an endangered species, who need milkweed  for laying their eggs. Land management practices have removed milkweed from the landscape. Stanley's Greenhouse, off of Chapman Highway in South Knoxville, has a large assortment of "butterfly weed (milkweed)"

Second Quarter 2017 

We provided the reception for the Interfaith Gay Pride Service, Sunday, June 11th at Church of the Savior.

First Quarter 2017 

We donated money to Team Refugee Knoxville for Rides for local refugees.

Fourth Quarter 2016 - Part A

Harmony Family Center

Unity Transformation partnered with One Spirit New Thought Center to provide gifts for foster children across the state of Tennessee

Third Quarter 2016

Visit to Annoor Mosque, 100 13th Street, Knoxville

Friday, August 12th we went to Annoor Mosque for prayers.

We joined hearts and prayers for a rich, rewarding experience.

We have many new friends.

Second Quarter 2016
Community Action Committee, Knoxville
$200.00 was delivered to Community Action Committee, Knoxville.
Money was raised both through Painting with a Twist fundraiser plus donations within Unity Transformation. This money supported CAC distributed fans to families during hot summer months.
 First Quarter 2016
a BOOK can DRIVE change
Knox County inmates spend up to 23 hours a day in a cell. With access to books, that time can be spent learning, developing new skills, and improving literacy. We delivered used paperbacks to Knox County Library branches from Feb. 1 – 29. The Knox County Public Defender’s Community Law Office made sure they get to those who need them most.

Fourth Quarter 2015  

Harmony Family Center  Knoxville, TN

We gave Christmas gifts, across the state of Tennessee, to foster children (not in foster homes) through Harmony Family Center. Without this support, these children would have received no Christmas presents.

Third Quarter 2015 
Tiva Water  Knoxville, TN
We supported Knoxville based TIVA water that provides 
Clean Water for a Thirsty World. 
We purchased three water filters for families in Uganda.

This filter has gone to the family of Robinah Nabuma.  

She has 5 in her household.  

She is a maize farmer and earns about $40 per month seasonally.  

She is grateful that this filter will protect them from the swamp water they have been using.  She has not been able to afford to treat her children when they have gotten sick from the water. Now they will enjoy better health.

This filter has gone to the family of Sarah Nalubowa.  

She has 6 in her household.  She is a food vendor and earns about $30 per month.  

She is very happy to have this filter.  

They have been drinking lake water which is very contaminated.  

She is happy her children will no longer suffer from typhoid.  

This filter has gone to the family of Leo Nabatazi.  

She has 9 in her household.  

She trades second hand clothes and earns about $40 quarterly.  

She is happy that her grandchildren will be able to have clean water without boiling.

Second Quarter 2015 
A Hand Up for Women  Knoxville, TN
We donated items to A Hand Up for Women, 
a Knoxville-based organization 
that helps women retrain and rebuild their lives.